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Employee Engagement? What About Me…?


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Proverbs 27:18 The Message (MSG)

18 If you care for your orchard, you’ll enjoy its fruit;
if you honor your boss, you’ll be honored.

It is truly important to be worthy of your hire when you are working for another man’s business. Or, in your own business. By treating the business as if it were yours, you are honoring your boss. These days, in the me, myself, and I want it attitude it’s not always the politically correct or the popular thing to do, but it is important to be mindful of doing things to enhance and to take care of your employer’s business. We hear a lot of stuff about employee benefits and what the employee wants… oh, yeah, engagement is so important; but, how about treating the business with kid gloves and doing what needs to be done to honor your boss even if you don’t like your job? After all, aren’t you part of a team? Here are just a few ways that you can move into that arena of honor:

  • Keep personal calls to a minimum (oh, that’s not so obvious, huh)
  • Be on time for work and for meetings
  • Work steadily and diligently
  • Take initiative
  • Do the hard thing first when you get into work
  • Finish projects on time and in excellence
  • Always be working on your personal development
  • Get training even if you have to pay for it yourself

Carry Your Own Weather Wherever You Go

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“It’s not really what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us.  Of course, thing can hurt physically or economically and can cause sorrow.  But our character, our basic identity, does not have to be hurt at all.  In fact, our most difficult experiences become the crucibles that forge our character and develop the internal powers, the freedom to handle difficult circumstances in the future and to inspire others to do so as well.” -Stephen Covey

I carry my own weather with me. Well, and yes, sometimes I do still need an umbrella! After all, we do need rain and we don’t want the current drought conditions to last. I had read what Stephen Covey had said regarding carrying your weather with you. Since I did that, I am more mindful to do that.

What does it mean to “carry your own weather” with you? Recently, there was some very hot weather in the southeast and a lot of rainy, stormy kinds of afternoons. Well folks walked around complaining about the weather. You know, most people let the weather affect their moods. I know, I use to be doing that. The weather is blamed for all sorts of “moods.”

Now that I am carrying my own weather, it goes beyond weather. I believe that you can choose to react positively to the negative things in your life, to the negative people in your life. That’s carrying your own weather. In other words, you don’t let someone or something control your thinking and cause you to be negative. Or, if, for example you wake up and don’t feel like getting out of bed to go to work that day, you change your weather, your mood, and your mind right where you are lying – right there in bed. It’s a choice that all of us have when we wake up and all day long.

For example, when I receive poor service, which is epidemic these days, and the sales person is very unfriendly, unresponsive and not very customer oriented, I don’t let them make my weather. I continue to be positive and kind – now I might have to re-position my thinking that is ready to “go there” for a minute and say what I might like to tell them. I can say to myself, “no thanks,” I will pass on that. It’s like being shown something negative on a flip chart and you pass on making a response to that.

And, of course, there are folks who will intentionally press buttons of others because they are hurting inside. What to do? Carry your own weather right through the moods and decisions of others.

So, today, by making the choice of not getting stressed or upset by the actions or words by others, you can remain relaxed and happier enjoying the moment and your own weather, not the weather of someone else!