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Childlike Faith: Walk in Miracles

I think I am somewhat of an anomaly. I live in this world but I’m not just like it. And, I believe in miracles… Sure, I do things that others do: I go to the supermarket, talk on my phone, drink coffee, take naps, walk for exercise, work at work that I love. Yes…but I live by faith. Friend, I walk in the miraculous… miracles, signs and wonders. Even in my work! That’s how I live… it’s my lifestyle. And, I believe that this is the way that God designed all of His children to be living. You may or may not agree, but that doesn’t change the miracles… And, if you don’t believe in miracles right now… you will when YOU need one… I believe that God wants you to walk in the supernatural as well…

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Here are 10 of my personal reasons why I believe what God has told me and what He says in His word will produce for me personally – and how I walk in childlike faith with signs and wonders… and miracles following… just like Jesus did while He was on the earth:

1. I trust in the integrity of the Word of God

2. I believe God’s Word is final authority – higher than the natural

3. I am uniquely me (nobody can do ME like ME)

4. I don’t care how crazy my faith looks to others

5. God’s got me and I know it

6. God’s helped and delivered me before – Jesus is Faithful

7. I believe and trust in the covenant of God with me

8. The Word becomes flesh and I’ve seen it before

9. I stay connected and the miraculous occurs – I trust HIM and HIS Word more than what I see, feel, hear… etc.

10. God can’t lie – even if it takes a long time it will come to pass (but He also continues to manifest things “at once!”)