Do What You are Led to Do.

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BE DETERMINED TO DO WHAT HE SAYS TO DO. Many times people think that prayer is going to produce their answer… and prayer is awesome. And, it does lead to answers. But God will bring your answer MOST OFTEN through someone else… or something YOU need to actually DO. Even Jesus worked in tandem with the “natural.” To turn water into wine, He asked for the pots to be filled with water FIRST… and before the miracle. A DIRECTION acted upon led to the manifestation…”Stretch forth your hand” was another example of a direction to be acted on. Take that course, write that book… call that person… sow into that person’s life… pay their rent… buy that book… give that gift… take someone to lunch… apologize… forgive.

Childlike Faith: Walk in Miracles

I think I am somewhat of an anomaly. I live in this world but I’m not just like it. And, I believe in miracles… Sure, I do things that others do: I go to the supermarket, talk on my phone, drink coffee, take naps, walk for exercise, work at work that I love. Yes…but I live by faith. Friend, I walk in the miraculous… miracles, signs and wonders. Even in my work! That’s how I live… it’s my lifestyle. And, I believe that this is the way that God designed all of His children to be living. You may or may not agree, but that doesn’t change the miracles… And, if you don’t believe in miracles right now… you will when YOU need one… I believe that God wants you to walk in the supernatural as well…

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Here are 10 of my personal reasons why I believe what God has told me and what He says in His word will produce for me personally – and how I walk in childlike faith with signs and wonders… and miracles following… just like Jesus did while He was on the earth:

1. I trust in the integrity of the Word of God

2. I believe God’s Word is final authority – higher than the natural

3. I am uniquely me (nobody can do ME like ME)

4. I don’t care how crazy my faith looks to others

5. God’s got me and I know it

6. God’s helped and delivered me before – Jesus is Faithful

7. I believe and trust in the covenant of God with me

8. The Word becomes flesh and I’ve seen it before

9. I stay connected and the miraculous occurs – I trust HIM and HIS Word more than what I see, feel, hear… etc.

10. God can’t lie – even if it takes a long time it will come to pass (but He also continues to manifest things “at once!”)

Living Life as a Happier Person through the Power of Forgiving.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of happiness and forgiveness – have written a book about happiness – but I’m taking this to another level now. Helping others be happier…

You and I have most likely never met. And, perhaps we will someday. But, I wanted to share with you from my heart something — I care about you and want you to be happier and freer — even if we’ve never met! Will you give me a minute to explain?

My friend…Every day is a new opportunity. We live in a world where there are hurts – and often very unexpectedly. Nobody is immune, right? In the workplace, the marketplace, at home… at church or synagogue. People are people as they say and we are going to have hurts and offenses that try to come at us – intentionally or unintentionally. We are going to have situations where we feel we have failed – ourselves or others… or both.

I believe that mentally strong people (supposedly) don’t dwell in the past… We read this but there are times in our lives – even in the past – that things may almost be too much to bear.  They can weigh heavily on our hearts and minds.

When someone does or says something, we have choices as to how to react, respond… and what to do or say when someone does something that is hurtful or vengeful.  Or, when we hurt others…  Self-control is very useful… but then what about afterwards?

And, what about when you learn that something has hurt you but you can’t quite figure out or know who to blame? Like when someone has backstabbed you but you don’t know who it was – but you were gossiped about and lied on.

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Resentment that is harbored – even for a short time – is painful and that’s something that you will want to guard against in all situations. Resentment and bitterness are second cousins.

You can get past hurt and mistreatment. You can get past resentment. But, let me tell you… that forgiveness is paramount. So, how can we best deal with forgiveness? Do we forgive and forget? And, how is do we forgive and let it go to be able to move on? How do shame and guilt relate?

Can you still be happy after being hurt… or not? Can you still go on and forgive? How important is forgiveness in regards to your health?  And, can you really ever forgive what sometimes seems like it’s too burdensome and cruel to ever forgive? And, what about when you feel that it was all or partly your fault anyway?  And, what if someone hurt you very deeply and they have died?  Can you move on – even if you’ve not yet gotten over “it?”

Things can still work in your favor – no matter who’s hurt you or a loved one. I’m here to share with you…You can go forward – and forgiving is part of the process. The promotion that didn’t come but that went to someone who you felt was less qualified or who doesn’t go the extra mile the way you do – it can still happen later on or tomorrow. Your heart might have been broken – but it can still heal…

Your life is precious – it’s a gift – forgiving is part of the life. But, nobody can do it for you – you have to do it for yourself. If I hadn’t learned to forgive myself and others, I believe that I might have lost my mind by now. My level of toxic thinking might have even killed me. I believe that my level of kindness and compassion wouldn’t be what it is for everyone… in my work and outside of it. Perhaps I would be in such emotional pain that my creativity would have been impaired… There are many “what ifs” scenarios, aren’t there, for each one of us?

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Life goes by so very fast! Every day is a wonderful new opportunity — and we can elect to go forward in spite of negative stuff.  I am able to teach this and help others — because I live it — a life of loving others in spite of what I feel was injustice towards me or my loved ones. We can choose to look at it as not being the final destination in our life’s journey. Read more here and learn about a wonderful tool to help you to forgive yourself and others…and move forward without blame, shame or guilt.

Join me on this teleconference call coming up – if you can’t make it “live,” you’ll have the replay… I know that it will bless you! Click here for information.

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For a Time Such as This: Remembering Where I was on 9-11

Nine Eleven, 11, September

I will never forget where I was on that day, September 11, 2001. I’d had a dream/vision and heard “9-11” over and over again in my spirit for about one year or so prior to that fateful and life-altering day.  The Lord didn’t reveal to me what He was referring to… and, it was only after the tragedy that I realized that His telling me to pray… and “9-11” was leading up to that day. Perhaps more would have perished if we weren’t praying…

That day, I was in a government building on a consulting assignment (for the Lord, of course) as a Writer/Editor. Suddenly, life changed in that moment. As I walked down the corridor in the building, I happened to pass one of the offices where the news was being shown on one of my clients’ computer screens. It was totally surreal… Every one of us watched in horror.

Because there was some concern for us being in a government building, we were told that the building would be closing and we were sent home for the day. That day, I had taken the train. Once out of the building and in the train station, I found that everyone was walking around stunned and in a daze. It was only because of my tight relationship with MY Savior, Jesus, that I was able to “be there,” and to do as He directed in the train station to help others.

In the midst of that sound without a sound in the train station, the Lord had me sing out loud a Gospel song… over and over again. It was calming to me… but more so to the many people who it ministered to in that Atlanta train station that day… at that moment in time. I was there for a time such as this.

Have hope…trust God…

~Ilene Saidel


As an entrepreneur… a coach, author, course creator… and a business and Christian copywriter, I must stay organized. After all, that’s essential for my work because it’s all for God… it’s my ministry.

So, I ask God for help with my schedule and my work at all times. I acknowledge HIM in all my ways, and He directs my steps… my paths. One of the most helpful habits that I have been doing for the past several years is to plan my week in advance. So, on Saturday or Sunday, I plan the entire UPCOMING week. I’ve learned to leave some “margin” and open times too for “me time” and for “quiet.” Of course, since God comes FIRST, He gets a HUGE BLOCK of time in the morning… and time throughout the days as I turn to HIM and tune in… even if for just a quick moment here and there.

Right now, I am off and running… have prayed and spent time in the Word of God… so it’s time to finish planning my week.
If you haven’t been planning your week in advance, you might want to give it a try and watch God put His super on your natural.
Blessings and love,

Do Everything by Faith


As a Child of God, I want to check myself out and make sure that I am living by faith which is trust in God and His Word which is equivalent to the Word of God. So faith = the Word of God. No Word = No faith. Everything I do is BY FAITH…By choosing to spend time with God and His Word each and every day, we develop fully persuaded faith. Fully persuaded faith like Abraham had (Romans 4:16-24) is the kind of faith that wholeheartedly believes the Word of God over the “problem” or obstacle. We can choose to believe God and walk and live by faith as we are commanded. Living by faith is living by the Word instead of what our physical senses tell us. We look to the Word for our answers and think on it. We meditate in the Word day and night and that helps us to live by faith. Faith or the Word of God is our means of communicating with God in prayer. That’s the language we speak with Him.

You can do it! Flex that faith muscle! Believe for God’s best!

Two Reasons for Going to Work Today Instead of the Beach (Hint: It’s not the money honey)


There’s an oldie song about working on the chain gang. I’d sing it. Well… but, I’m hoping you remember it and, just in case you don’t… here’s the link for it on YouTube. Now, you and I aren’t (well at least most of us aren’t working on the chain gang), but some of you might be working for the paycheck and not enjoying your work at all. I’m here to tell you a couple of things about work that you may not have considered. I didn’t consider anything much but the check until about 25 years ago.

Work. It’s essential. Not for just meeting financial obligations, but for several key reasons.  I’d like to share a couple of them here. In my course, Happiness at Work: An Inside Job, I share many more keys about work and why we work. So for now, here are just a couple:

  • We were made to do some form of work. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be done by the sweat of the brow so to speak, but in collaboration with God. As a woman of faith, it took me some time before I realized the importance of work. My dad was an entrepreneur before the word was in the dictionary. I grew up in that environment but it was somewhat of an enigma to me. As I grew up, I decided that I wanted a “real job” and that’s what I did for a number of years. I didn’t realize that work was really quite divine; although my dad was very creative and was even wealthy during the GREAT DEPRESSION (a bit before I was born), I didn’t equate creativity with work. I felt that creativity was something you did outside of work. When I got to the corporate world, and was blessed to use my gift of writing and editing there, things started to line up for me in my mind. Still, I was a little unconvinced about the purpose of work outside of all the nice money. And working to help maintain my sanity!
  • Work helps us develop our particular gifts and talents that are related to our purpose. Each of us has a divine purpose or reason for being here on this earth. While not all of our jobs or tasks seem to point to “purpose,” I believe that they help us develop those gifts and skills to the maximum. No working at them = no development. You’ve been created with at least one or more gifts that only you can do the way you do what you do with that gift. You can change the world with your gift… so, by going to work and working with that gift, you are not sleeping on your gift. Now, granted, you may wonder how some of those things you do at work have anything to do with your gift. For me, as a writer, my work as a corporate communications specialist helped nourish my gift as a writer to go on and write such books as my latest book, PRESS.

Your gift or gifts aren’t hidden from you… like your purpose, it’s hidden for you. It’s for you to uncover, discover, and fully utilize your gift and maximize your potential via work.  Go to work today knowing that there is great purpose in your work!

What do you believe about work at this point in your life? Do you enjoy it? What skill are you mastering while at work today?

Learn more about exceling at work even if you don’t like your current job – or help a recent grad or students prepare for the world of work:

~Ilene Saidel, MBA




Three Mistakes to Avoid When Writing “that book”


“Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals!- Vince Lombardi. (1)

Who doesn’t want to write a book? These days between technology and self-publishing and the testimonies for what writing a book will do for a career or business, everybody wants to “write a book.” Besides, everybody has a story and there’s someone who needs to read that story.

After years of writing professionally in the corporate arena, I was determined to “write a book.” Each time I would start it, I would hit a brick wall. That is until the day that I learned – or discerned – how to write one easily and – well – relatively painlessly. Now, I am in the process of readying my sixth book for publishing (I write more than one at a time) and the process is so simple that I love teaching book writing and coaching them to get ‘er done. You can get going today and be up and writing really quickly with an awesome outlining technique: Write that Book!

Here are three mistakes to avoid when writing “that book:”

  1. No outline: One of the most common mistakes that I have noticed in talking with others – before working with them – and taking them through the writing process is this: To start writing without a plan or an outline will circumvent or inhibit you in the process. A plan is an absolute must.
  2. Writing too much: Thinking that you need to write everything and not knowing what to write and what not to write. It’s really not important to write everything on that subject. Write based on a plan and write enough to cover the topic.
  3. Perfectionism: If you feel as though you must do things perfectly before you publish your book (or even begin it) can lead to massive procrastination. Get advice along the way but my advice is very simple: Just write!

You can do this! With a good outline, and a plan for writing each day, and not writing too much, the writing can flow and before you know it you’ll have your first draft. If you can work with a writing coach like me or someone else, that will help the flow and will also allow for accountability. It may not be perfect on the first draft, but it can be great.  And, besides, your message has an audience waiting to read it.


Three Tips to Being Happier In the Workplace


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It was years before I recognized that if I was going to be happy at work – whether I liked my job or not – I was going to have to discover or uncover a way to do that. Once I learned how to do that, it didn’t take long for me to not only become happier at work – but to be known for my happy demeanor and attitude of joyful working. I’m not saying it was “easy,” but I am saying that it was my choice and a lot easier and less painful than being miserable where I was. Once I discerned the “how,” it wasn’t long before I started receiving offers for my “dream jobs.”

Here are three basic tips that you can apply TODAY and see the results right away:

  1. Guard your thinking and your tongue. As a Woman of Faith, I am particularly aware of my thinking and how it can or can’t affect my emotional state. If I think positively (for me that includes the Word of God (Bible), then my attitude towards “stuff” will be more in line with the good in situations. And, if I am thinking positively, then I will speak in line with the good as well. My thoughts will determine whether I am anxious, impatient and miserable — OR — calm, patient and happy.

  1. Tell others (sincerely) how awesome they are. I think it was Ken Blanchard who recently tweeted something along those lines. Complimenting others takes my focus off of the negative things they do and the things others do as well. It brightens their day and mine.



  1. Be grateful. Sure, the world has a lot of things going on right now that could be “scary.” I choose to be grateful for what I have now. I am grateful for my workplace consulting and writing clients — even if I don’t yet have the kind of income I am anticipating. I am thankful for the clients and the income! I find something to be grateful about every single day and thank God for it. And, I thank others and let them know that I am grateful. Now, that doesn’t mean I become complacent and not work towards progress. That doesn’t even mean that things are “perfect,” but it does mean that I can be happy in spite of my circumstances.

By the way, I couldn’t write about happiness at work if I wasn’t happy “at work.” My learning to be happy inspired others so much… and, being known for my joyfulness and happiness at work I wrote a book about happiness to provide further tips and steps for you to be happier too and not just comfortable. Affiliate



WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN? Have you found yourself either wondering where to begin? Or maybe you have been writing and writing and writing AND STILL you don’t really have a book completed.

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