Speaking/Coaching/Training for Your Work

I am available for speaking at your events including conferences and workshops. I have previously spoken to small groups as well as to hundreds of people as a keynote speaker at such events as a fashion show, international non-profit conferences, workshops and collegiate events.

How did this all begin? After all, most people are fearful of public speaking! Well, let me share one thing with you if I may – I didn’t even realize it but one day while speaking at an event on behalf of an organization for which I was president (16,000 members), someone came up to me and told me that she “hadn’t realized that you, Ilene, were a public speaker…”  I don’t think up to that time and for a few years afterward that I even realized that I am “a public speaker.” So, that’s how it all began.  And, I am honored that you would consider me as a speaker at your event or meeting.

Public Speaking Services – “Speaking for a Change”

  • Topics include: Customer service, Kindness, Forgiveness, Have Joy!


Customer Service Training (coming soon)

We are “one to another” (coming soon) Training

Small business start-up coaching/brainstorming

Entrepreneurial Brainstorming

Career Shift Brainstorming – Reinventing You


Book Writing Coaching

I believe that you have a book or two or three (or more) just waiting to come forth!

Have you been thinking of writing a book? Perhaps you’ve had that thought for months – or even years! No worries…I believe that you have a book or two or three (or more) just waiting to come forth!

Maybe you started writing one and suddenly found yourself “stuck.” I can get you working on that book right away or get you unstuck from a stuck position if you’ve already started. One of the things we can do on a coaching call is to brainstorm so that we can make sure that your “concept” is solid.

Sign up today for a book writing phone consultation for your non-fiction book. Up to 40 minutes.  Introductory offer for first-time clients and US only.

Click here to order your introductory book coaching session.

Thanks – I look forward to helping you birth that dream of writing a book.