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I am an author/writer/editor/book writing coach and inspirational speaker-in-training with a mission is to make a mark in people’s lives that can never be erased. I am working to train up ambassadors for the workplace - ambassadors who are engaged employees and who present themselves in excellence and provide beyond extraordinary service in their work. I would love advice for marketing the “customer service” products that I am developing.

Five Tips On Your Way to Your Dream Job



“Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals!- Vince Lombardi. (1)

Five Tips On Your Way to Your Dream Job

I remember those days. I had an MBA degree (not a lot of women had them in those days) and I was doing work that was not my yet my dream work… not my dream job(s). I dreamt of the day when I would have that higher level position. I was waiting on being in the right place at the right time doing something other than what I was doing then. I was never present at what I was working on because I didn’t want to be there. And, besides, my attitude in those days was that I was “owed something” for all of my years of school. Maybe you’re kind of where I was…You’ve been dreaming about leaving your job. Somehow, in your mind, you can’t even fathom staying where you are one second longer. The money “stinks,” they overwork you… or don’t keep you interested in the work by the assignments and projects that come forth. You feel unappreciated and know that there’s got to be a better way. You feel sometimes as if your life is being wasted while you are there. And, besides, retirement is a long way off. So, you dream and dream of the day when things will be different.  You read that employers “cause” good employees to quit but then, you wonder if you are a “good employee.” You begin to look around and compare your work with the work of others… your salary with that of others… your benefits with that of others… your commute and all of the rest of the goodies that go along with a 9-5 job with that of others. Or… maybe you are remotely satisfied but not fulfilled. Maybe even slacking off because after all they don’t care about you and your work in your mind isn’t very important.

That dreaming of that dream job — is that a nightmare? I mean… can that be counterproductive to be dreaming of it and running towards it? Sometimes it was for me until I made the change. It was then that my dream job came forth. Here are five tips that I have learned that helped me when I was on a job that I didn’t particularly like or feel “appreciated” on. These are tried and true tips that I learned before I was on my dream job:

  1. Dream on but don’t neglect where you’re at. It’s perhaps a season in your life that is preparing you for bigger and better — and the dream job.
  2. You may be unhappy in other areas of your life right now as well. Take some time to think about what you are thinking about — and what is the source of your unhappiness. There are more happiness secrets in my book The Red Sea Solution. AFF
  3. Master the fundamentals. “Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals!” – Vince Lombardi. Work on you while you are waiting and applying for other jobs. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, essential, that companies treat their employees right. However, every employee is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for his/her happiness. No one is “totally to blame” when an employee chooses to leave. The blame game should be avoided – and yet everyone can look within to make the necessary “changes” and improvements. Consider signing up for my unique online learn while at home Great Employee School where we will be increasing your understanding about being that happy employee and working on certain employee stuff that will amaze your employer.
  1. Think about what you are contributing right now and if you are ready to handle that promotion. Reflect on your own work and attitude.
  2. Resist the urge to quit (unless your health is suffering or you know that you heard from God for real) or say or do something you might regret. Revisit your “why.” Les Brown put it this way: If you know your WHY, you can endure almost any HOW!

While you are waiting, be grateful for what you have right now and prepare for that wonderful dream job that’s on the way — after all, your dream job is right around the corner.

For info on my wow-inducing resumes, please see the Writing section of this site.

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It’s a Lifestyle for me — Collaborating with God at Work

Whether I am coaching, writing, editing… cooking (yep, love to cook all kinds of healthful stuff) or whatever I am doing…Being about My Father’s business is a lifestyle for me. I so enjoyed doing this.  Collaborating with God at work yields great rewards. Too numerous to even mention.

Listen to this recent Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur podcast where KDE’s Shae Bynes interviewed me to uncover more about how I collaborate with God to provide anointed services and products to help you be more successful:


I trust that you will be blessed!


Workplace Happiness: How Happy Can Employees be at Work?


Disclaimer: I don’t need to be right!

Whose fault is it when employees don’t like how things are managed in an organization? Is it the fault of management or is it perception or the “generation” of the employees? Much is being written on how to work with millennials and other age groups (this is not meant to be a criticism of any or all). I have even heard the story of one employee who didn’t want the job she was on if she couldn’t bring her dog to work with her.  She didn’t want to do what they “do in Rome.”

In all fairness, I have had my share of managers who did or didn’t do a “good job” in my estimation; but, then, who was I to judge? So, I changed my attitude and worked at my job – to the best of my ability – not because they were “good” or not because I agreed with the company rules and policies.  And, unless it was immoral or not kosher (legal) to do, I did what we do when in Rome: I did what needed to be done. I was not there to get my way but to do it their way – yes, I made suggestions – and, yes, they were not always accepted… but, I did my very best.

Was I happy? I made a decision to be happy in spite of or in addition to how the management rolled. Was that cool? For me, yes it was. I was happy and was always being asked why I was always so happy.

Should companies and management step up to the challenge of making changes to improve workplace life for their employees? Absolutely! But, the issue can sometimes be that companies can change all that they think needs to be changed and still have unhappy employees, right?

So, what does it really take for happiness at work? I will be exploring this subject in the coming weeks as I take a deeper dive into it and train more employees to be “happy.”

Being Resolute So Nothing Can Stop You



“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The word, “resolute,” keeps coming up this week in my mind. So, I realized that it might be a good time for us to look a little deeper into it. Okay? I hope you won’t mind. The word actually means determined, unwavering and steadfast… even strong-willed. When you are resolute about something, nobody or nothing can sway you from going forward. Oh, yes, you may feel like quitting once in a while. Continue reading Being Resolute So Nothing Can Stop You

For a Time Such as This


Do you believe that you have a purpose and are graced to do something outstanding in this life? I do believe that you have been chosen to be alive at this time on the earth. It is no accident! And, so, the work that you do should be significant, and you want to be using your gifts and talents to bless the world. After all, your gift or gifts are meant to impact others and “solve” something that is just waiting to be solved.

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. ~ Baruch Spinoza

Growing up, I watched many movies. And, through the years, my movie going has dwindled. Until now. The influx of family-oriented movies with a good message has been increasing and so I am back to the movies again. And, so, when I heard of Return to the Hiding Place starring such actors as Mimi Sagadin, I was elated to have the opportunity to interview her and share her thoughts and mine with you. For a time such as this…

When I recently interviewed  Mimi Sagadin, who plays Corrie ten Boom in the new movie Return to the Hiding Place (wide release on February 6-12), I had a deep sense that this was more like a divine encounter than a business-style interview. After all, work and workplace happiness are part of my passion. I was so happy to speak with her and listen to her express her passion –about the movie and her work as an actress.

I prayed and prepared my questions. And, that day, when we spoke, it was as if I had known Mimi for a time such as this. She was selected for the movie after the casting folks interviewed about 100 other women. I believe that her passion, the season/moment for her to come forth with her gift, and her preparation all came together…for a time such as this.

Mimi shared that she had prior experience in a lesser role in a play based on Corrie’s courageous (and now widely-known acts) that helped save almost 1,000 Jews from the Nazis. I believe that the good preparation was helpful, but was only a step that was just one of several on Mimi’s path to her destiny. Mimi expressed her huge surprise when she was selected after auditioning for the role. But, deep down inside, she had a knowing that it had been a God-move based on her passion for acting and her destiny. I believe that this was a moment or season that was hers – the role had her name on it!

Mimi is no stranger to film or acting. Take a look at her official short bio:

“Mimi began her acting career in Chicago during the 90’s and studied improv at The Players Workshop of the Second City, and performed children’s shows on the main stage at the infamous Second City. She co-founded the improv troupe Mission IMPROVable, a “clean comedy” troupe that performed shows in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Sagadin continues to work in feature films, short films, commercials, industrials and plays. The past fifteen years, she has volunteered at the annual Karitos Worship and Arts Conference as the film and drama department head and teacher.

Mimi continues to perform on-stage throughout the Windy City. Some favorite productions include: Provision Theater’s world premiere of The Hiding Place, Broadway director/ producer Ken Davenport’s (Godspell, Altar Boyz, Somewhere in Time) The Awesome 80’s Prom, and Akvavit Theatre’s  A Summer’s Day.

Sagadin’s movie/film experiences have given her the opportunity to work directly with Emma Thompson, Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah, Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly, Katherine Heigl, Kurtwood Smith, directors Marc Forster and Ron Howard, and of course, John Rhys-Davies.”

Return to the Hiding Place is a movie that I am definitely looking forward to seeing. I believe that it is one that will inspire teens and adults alike to take a stand for others and to rise up and walk courageously. And, to do what they, too, are here to do …for a time such as this.

What work have you been destined to do for a time such as this? You are not here by accident. And, just like Mimi was chosen from so many – so are you. It may not look like it yet as you continue to prepare. What is your gift to the world? With Mimi, I have no doubt that she is created for that part…

You, too, were created specifically for this time and for your role in life.

Official Movie Trailer


Ten Cheap Gifts (That Don’t Cost Much) To Give Yourself



DSC05457_3_small wall

Sometimes, you can be so caught up in helping and gifting others at this holiday season, or anytime for that matter, that you forget about doing for yourself. There are some simple things that you can give yourself that won’t mean laying out a whole lot of bucks. In fact, you can start today even if it’s giving yourself just one of the gifts on this list. Put your money back in your wallet – you don’t need another new toy to be good to yourself. You can do this – you can be good to yourself and give yourself some gifts that don’t cost much of anything – well, maybe a few minutes. You will feel better and be more ready to give to others once you give freely to yourself.

  1. Talk positively

There have been many books and courses that teach thinking positive and the power of positive thinking (The Power of Positive Thinking is an excellent example).  In fact, positive thinking versus negative thinking is really quite beneficial. Some people make affirmations and visualize good things that they want to happen in their lives. You can choose to think positively and even talk to yourself in a positive way.  You can catch yourself talking to yourself negatively (oh, that was so dumb of me) and replace it with good thinking and loving talking about yourself.  It’s sometimes called, “self talk” but no matter what you call it, it is how you talk to yourself – usually without speaking it out loud.  If you speak highly of yourself, and get rid of the negative self-talk, you’ll notice a difference in your life and your feelings – even your health.

  1. See yourself out of the problem

Life happens. In fact, these days, life is happening so very fast that sometimes there is one problem to be solved after another. And, it can be so stressful. One thing you can do right now is to see the solution and yourself happy and out of the problem. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. So, while you are waiting for the solution, begin to visualize yourself out of it. It’s a done deal so see yourself out already. What does that look like to you?  Problems are there to be solved and there are solutions all around you. See yourself with the answer. Imagine even those feelings once the issue is resolved. What are those wonderfully positive feelings you will have when the trouble has passed? See yourself solving the issue and being a hero/heroine.

  1. Quiet time

Noise. It’s everywhere. It’s so very hard to get away from the droning noises of the age we live in. You might find that something that you choose not to do – and you might love all of the noises – even when you sleep. Having quiet time can include reviewing the events of the day or week at the end of the week. It can include being reflective and looking objectively and subjectively on what you’d like to change in your life. Or… thinking on what you really want out of life. Without interruptions. You can do this – turn off the ringers and the alarm clocks and every other reminder of time — and just sit quietly.


  1. Me time/ Time off

Second to quiet time, is “me time.” “Me time” is the time that you can take to do something just for you. It might be to take yourself out to dinner and just sit and read. It might be to go for a manicure or a facial. Volunteer to do something for someone else if that is your way of having “me time.” Go to the library… read a new book.  Oh, and take a walk. Notice the flowers, the trees, the foliage, the wildlife.  Go to a movie – by yourself – a movie that you have selected and one that you want to see.  Sit and read something new that you have wanted to read but kept putting it off. Go to the local coffee shop and sit there and people watch. Meet some new people – just because.

  1. Forgiveness

A lot is said for the person who forgives. It is a big healing for the forgiver. And, when you forgive yourself, it’s even more beneficial. Take time to sit and think about how hard you’ve been on yourself. Yes, you. Those mistakes that you made – forget them – learn from them – and forgive yourself.  This might be the best gift of all. After all, we all make mistakes. Once you find yourself forgiving yourself for mistakes that happened even years before today, you will experience a new level of freedom. You will even learn to accept the mistakes of others more readily. Show yourself mercy and you will be more merciful. And, you will find more mercy being shown to you by others as well. Be kinder to yourself when you make a mistake. Sure, it might have stung for a minute… maybe even you are still experiencing the ramifications of the mistake. Forgive yourself and move on. Forgiving yourself doesn’t make a wrong “right,” but it frees you to be happier – and healthier. It has been proven that holding unforgiveness is unhealthy. Usually you hear it related to forgiving others. Even if the “mistake” is “terrible” and unforgiveable in your mind, drop it and let it go. Forgiveness is not an option. And, if there are opportunities that you have missed, forgive yourself and watch for the new ones in your environment.

  1. Love who you are right where you are at

Life is interesting. At times, you might find yourself at a place in the road with many forks. You will have to make choices that sometimes are not fun to make. You might find yourself in a place where you don’t even know or like yourself.  My friend, wherever you go, you are there. You are more than who you have been meditating and thinking you are. You have greatness within you. Love yourself and watch things change. Oh, and this is not an ego thing – love yourself but still care about others – just not about what they think.  Sometimes, in life, it is “normal” (whatever normal is) to feel as though you aren’t as far down the path of progress or in your career, for example. Loving yourself and dropping self comparisons with others will free you to see your value.


  1. Enjoying and being happy today

Today is a gift. A gift to yourself that will never come again. We all are given the same time each day. And, tomorrow isn’t promised, is it? You can choose to enjoy and be happy no matter what is going on around you. No matter what the negative news it – be happy anyway. Choose to be happy. Learn to be happy regardless of circumstances or the news. There are going to be critical people and unkind people along your path. Usually, they are people who are close to you – friends, relatives, co-workers – because those who are not close to you can’t really hurt you the way those who are close to you. Of course, you can choose not to be hurt by others! Many of the most highly successful people had a lot to make them miserable; but they chose to be happy and continue on their journeys.


  1. Let it go

There are a lot of things that can happen to us and even against us. And, as humans, we are not infallible. So, next time someone hurts your feelings and you feel offended, go ahead and let it go.  We all have things that “come against” us but we can choose not to maintain a victim mentality. Take on the mentality of a winner, a champion, a forgiver, a merciful person, a person who is not a whoosh who is easily offended and let the stuff go. We all have pet peeves and things that can come to off-end us. They are designed to take you off the track of your destiny. It’s like a person running a race – and suddenly someone comes by and elbows them really hard – intentionally.  You might have been elbowed recently or years ago – choose to let it go. You don’t want to try to vindicate yourself and fight back and be spiteful at all. You bind up yourself if you don’t let it go. The other person goes “scott free” and you’ll remain stuck.  Let go of the old obsolete ideas – your parachute won’t open if you’re standing on the ledge.

  1. A new attitude

Having a change of mind can lead to a change of attitude. One way to have a new attitude is to be more patient. The new attitude can open up many doors for you and lead to you having a peace in your life that surpasses the circumstances that might be overwhelming at times. Having a new attitude will give you a whole new refreshing way of looking at what “is” and knowing that you can be happy right where you’re at. Spend time taking a long look at what your attitude is right this moment.  As humans, we can always choose to think differently.

10. Don’t focus on “what’s not”

It’s been said that depression comes from needs not being met. And, sometimes, it is hard to go “without” something that you have been yearning for – for days, weeks, months, and years.  One theory is that it’s because of a wrong focus. You have so very much to be thankful for – it makes for a happier you to focus on the good in your life and take your focus off of “what’s not” or what is missing. After all, there are things you can reach for in life – today, make it your business to be thankful and to reach for the stars – after all, it’s a gift to you.

I May Have to Invest


I was talking with a dear Facebook friend. I really started to want a cup or two of coffee. Well… I mentioned that I was going to go and make a pot of coffee as soon as we were finished with our conversation. And, she said she was going to make a cup of coffee! Well… while I was brewing a pot of coffee my friend went to use her Keurig and make a cup!

I may have to treat myself – when I saw this sale – wow!
A great gift for me, you, and others = 47% off #affiliate

More than a Lot

DSC05457_3_small wall

I hope you won’t mind but I have decided to begin to share with you my “story.” I am only digressing for a minute here – off and on – between my “story” and writing about the workplace and employee happiness.

Here we go…

What can you say when you read about someone who lost a husband, a child, her mother, and her brother-in-law in the time span of one year? My heart goes out to her. There are no words that can express how I feel for her. A pastor wrote a post about the situation. He expressed it as going through “too much.” You see, in life, we can go through “a lot,” but going through “too much” is almost too much to handle. And, we are told that His grace is sufficient.

I know what going through “too much” feels like.  The past few years has been a time, a season, of “too much” in my life.  And, yet, I believe that God only “lets” you go through what He knows you are capable of handling.   Sometimes, I think about how nobody else could endure the way I have endured. Oh, please don’t get me wrong, I am past the victim stage and the self-pity; although I have my moments of telling God, “I trust you but it makes no sense to me.”

I have learned to be happy – no matter what. I am often asked, “Why are you always so happy?” You can learn to be happy. The Red Sea Solution

Work Like Nobody is Watching


office desk_morguefile

I remember a time when I was a consultant at a major company.  On this one occasion, I walked into the breakroom of my client and it looked like bombs had gone off. The microwave was filthy dirty and there were things and trash strewn all over the room.  So, I immediately found tools to use for cleaning up the room and set myself to do what some or others feel is beneath them. I am not telling you this for pats on the back. I guess it’s because – for starters – would you trash out your employer’s breakroom and leave it unfit for others to use? And, second, would you clean up after your fellow employees? In this case, they weren’t my fellow employees – they were my client’s employees.

So, that day, and just about every single day – I was working like nobody was watching – but the big Man in the Sky. I had an audience of “one” and it didn’t matter if I was paid or not paid for that clean up chore or whether it was “beneath me.”  It was not in my job description but so what!

I know that it’s hard at times at work. It’s even harder if you are there for the wrong reasons. Employee happiness and engagement are two very different things. Let’ explore the two over the next few weeks. Please take this journey with me as I help to equip you for greater success and promotion.

Showing up at work with a half-baked attitude can hurt you and your employer – and your coworkers. Is there something you can do today to extend yourself as an employee? I know… you work and work and it seems sometimes like nobody is appreciating all of what you do. Many of you are single parents and that’s a full time job to begin with. And, the last thing you want to do is more work at work. But… once you set your mind and attitude to make the change, some nice opportunities will show up. Something other than what is expected and that comes with the paycheck?

When you work as if you are committed to working and doing a good job – whether you will get rewarded for it or not – you can actually learn to work with an audience of “one.” As a woman of faith, I have often found that I can work as if only one sees and rewards me. Sometimes, it is easy to feel as though nobody is going to notice so who cares if it’s the best or not. If a piece of trash is laying on the floor in the breakroom at work, do you walk by it or do you pick it up because you work and “live” there for so many hours per week. It’s tough sometimes to be happy and do your work.

I have learned to be happy. Period. At work. Outside of work. Period. Some help for happiness can be found in this simple little book that I wrote based on my life’s experiences and work:

Employee Engagement? What About Me…?


pennies_resized smaller

Proverbs 27:18 The Message (MSG)

18 If you care for your orchard, you’ll enjoy its fruit;
if you honor your boss, you’ll be honored.

It is truly important to be worthy of your hire when you are working for another man’s business. Or, in your own business. By treating the business as if it were yours, you are honoring your boss. These days, in the me, myself, and I want it attitude it’s not always the politically correct or the popular thing to do, but it is important to be mindful of doing things to enhance and to take care of your employer’s business. We hear a lot of stuff about employee benefits and what the employee wants… oh, yeah, engagement is so important; but, how about treating the business with kid gloves and doing what needs to be done to honor your boss even if you don’t like your job? After all, aren’t you part of a team? Here are just a few ways that you can move into that arena of honor:

  • Keep personal calls to a minimum (oh, that’s not so obvious, huh)
  • Be on time for work and for meetings
  • Work steadily and diligently
  • Take initiative
  • Do the hard thing first when you get into work
  • Finish projects on time and in excellence
  • Always be working on your personal development
  • Get training even if you have to pay for it yourself