Hi, I am Ilene Saidel — also affectionately and respectfully known as “Miss Ilene.”  I am the author of The Red Sea Solution and several other e-books and paperbacks. And, I am an inspirational speaker, creator of employee education/training services, and workplace encourager. I am also the creator of many custom resumes that have taken people from no jobs or low level jobs to their dream jobs through my resumes, inspiration, and coaching.

My mission is the success and happiness of others at work. My passion is to help you reach your full God-given potential by extracting that greatness that is in you — and for you to be happy at work. And, to not quit in the process while that greatness is coming forth!

If you had told me 25 years ago that I would be helping others be happy in the workplace, I might have laughed. Yep… thrown back my head and did a great big belly laugh in fact. You see, I wasn’t very happy at work and was happiest when I was cooking, shopping, in school or talking. I was coaching others, using my mind, encouraging, and telling them tidbits of wisdom but not about workplace and the work life.

So, you ask, “What happened? Did your MBA degree make the difference?” Seriously, can we talk? No MBA or any other degree has that power or ability! And, I can say that because I have multiple degrees. Not being different — but by  being different — and changing my mindset — I began to learn about work, its meaning and value (besides getting the paycheck) and what it took for ME to be happy at work and be an excellent worker, too. Not long after that, people kept asking me why I was always so happy. Then, I became known as the happy-at-work employee… especially in situations where there was no real reason to be happy… And, as a woman of faith, I also began to collaborate in my work with God. I saw increase after increase and promotion after promotion. From one level to the next, I was the one out earning others in the same field. I learned to be happy and saw increase and promotion —- non stop! I went from being low person on the totem pole to being in mighty high demand for my services — sought out as a matter of fact.  Even today, as I write this, employers seek me out – and so do employees!

My blog has a lot to do with happiness and work (oh, the workplace and work). After all, don’t workers spend most of their waking hours at work? So, if you are looking to be your best… to shine at work… earn more and get promoted… or just feel more significant and of greater value in your workplace, this is a great start.

Reading my blog…you will also be hearing more about certain tools that I believe are essential to be happy at work – and, make your employer happy, too. If you are ready to get rid of some stress and the pain of dreading working — once and for all – you’ll be interested in what I am offering and visiting my blog as I increase the content I am sharing.

Now, all I want to do is to help you be happy in your workplace — and, if you desire, change your career, too. That might even mean staying in the same company or with the same goals. Working with you…helping change your life and your perspective of your life in a moment. I will be sharing my story of how I went from being a person with no prospects for a happy work life – or a successful one – to being employee of the month and the happiest one in every workplace and in every situation — on a daily basis.

I have a weekly podcast planned — live events too — digital training workshops that you can keep and listen to over and over again — for the near future and I am available to speak to your group, your church, your organization, or even to invest in yourself and use the online tools and MP3 recordings, and the videos, as they become available. There are also teleseminars and membership options coming as well. Oh, yes. There’s also a special resume (uniquely designed for you as a custom not cookie-cutter style look) package that is available for you (see section with details).

My Bio (the short version)

Originally from Connecticut, I received my degrees from Quinnipiac College (BA, English) and the University of Hartford (MBA). I enjoyed being in professional sales for NCR and having my own marketing consulting firm before moving to the Atlanta Georgia area in 1993.

I’d spoken to large groups and in classrooms for years – as an adjunct lecturer and president of a large alumni association. While living in Atlanta, I made my professional speaking debut for a Georgia women’s organization and also at other national organizations. As part of my career path, I was a professional communications specialist and technical writer onsite at the CDC and GE before going into partial retirement (well, almost). I also enjoyed being a “temp” onsite at several companies throughout the Atlanta and New Haven Connecticut areas. Currently, I am writing my sixth book — and coaching book writing — while training up the future workers for all kinds of organizations all over the United States. I coach job and career clients using a great tool known as the resume. My resume creations are custom-made for each individual client and there are no two alike. My model for organizational change with a focus on the EMPLOYEE was presented by me several years ago.

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