For a Time Such as This: Remembering Where I was on 9-11

Nine Eleven, 11, September

I will never forget where I was on that day, September 11, 2001. I’d had a dream/vision and heard “9-11” over and over again in my spirit for about one year or so prior to that fateful and life-altering day.  The Lord didn’t reveal to me what He was referring to… and, it was only after the tragedy that I realized that His telling me to pray… and “9-11” was leading up to that day. Perhaps more would have perished if we weren’t praying…

That day, I was in a government building on a consulting assignment (for the Lord, of course) as a Writer/Editor. Suddenly, life changed in that moment. As I walked down the corridor in the building, I happened to pass one of the offices where the news was being shown on one of my clients’ computer screens. It was totally surreal… Every one of us watched in horror.

Because there was some concern for us being in a government building, we were told that the building would be closing and we were sent home for the day. That day, I had taken the train. Once out of the building and in the train station, I found that everyone was walking around stunned and in a daze. It was only because of my tight relationship with MY Savior, Jesus, that I was able to “be there,” and to do as He directed in the train station to help others.

In the midst of that sound without a sound in the train station, the Lord had me sing out loud a Gospel song… over and over again. It was calming to me… but more so to the many people who it ministered to in that Atlanta train station that day… at that moment in time. I was there for a time such as this.

Have hope…trust God…

~Ilene Saidel

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