Do Everything by Faith


As a Child of God, I want to check myself out and make sure that I am living by faith which is trust in God and His Word which is equivalent to the Word of God. So faith = the Word of God. No Word = No faith. Everything I do is BY FAITH…By choosing to spend time with God and His Word each and every day, we develop fully persuaded faith. Fully persuaded faith like Abraham had (Romans 4:16-24) is the kind of faith that wholeheartedly believes the Word of God over the “problem” or obstacle. We can choose to believe God and walk and live by faith as we are commanded. Living by faith is living by the Word instead of what our physical senses tell us. We look to the Word for our answers and think on it. We meditate in the Word day and night and that helps us to live by faith. Faith or the Word of God is our means of communicating with God in prayer. That’s the language we speak with Him.

You can do it! Flex that faith muscle! Believe for God’s best!

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