Two Reasons for Going to Work Today Instead of the Beach (Hint: It’s not the money honey)


There’s an oldie song about working on the chain gang. I’d sing it. Well… but, I’m hoping you remember it and, just in case you don’t… here’s the link for it on YouTube. Now, you and I aren’t (well at least most of us aren’t working on the chain gang), but some of you might be working for the paycheck and not enjoying your work at all. I’m here to tell you a couple of things about work that you may not have considered. I didn’t consider anything much but the check until about 25 years ago.

Work. It’s essential. Not for just meeting financial obligations, but for several key reasons.  I’d like to share a couple of them here. In my course, Happiness at Work: An Inside Job, I share many more keys about work and why we work. So for now, here are just a couple:

  • We were made to do some form of work. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be done by the sweat of the brow so to speak, but in collaboration with God. As a woman of faith, it took me some time before I realized the importance of work. My dad was an entrepreneur before the word was in the dictionary. I grew up in that environment but it was somewhat of an enigma to me. As I grew up, I decided that I wanted a “real job” and that’s what I did for a number of years. I didn’t realize that work was really quite divine; although my dad was very creative and was even wealthy during the GREAT DEPRESSION (a bit before I was born), I didn’t equate creativity with work. I felt that creativity was something you did outside of work. When I got to the corporate world, and was blessed to use my gift of writing and editing there, things started to line up for me in my mind. Still, I was a little unconvinced about the purpose of work outside of all the nice money. And working to help maintain my sanity!
  • Work helps us develop our particular gifts and talents that are related to our purpose. Each of us has a divine purpose or reason for being here on this earth. While not all of our jobs or tasks seem to point to “purpose,” I believe that they help us develop those gifts and skills to the maximum. No working at them = no development. You’ve been created with at least one or more gifts that only you can do the way you do what you do with that gift. You can change the world with your gift… so, by going to work and working with that gift, you are not sleeping on your gift. Now, granted, you may wonder how some of those things you do at work have anything to do with your gift. For me, as a writer, my work as a corporate communications specialist helped nourish my gift as a writer to go on and write such books as my latest book, PRESS.

Your gift or gifts aren’t hidden from you… like your purpose, it’s hidden for you. It’s for you to uncover, discover, and fully utilize your gift and maximize your potential via work.  Go to work today knowing that there is great purpose in your work!

What do you believe about work at this point in your life? Do you enjoy it? What skill are you mastering while at work today?

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~Ilene Saidel, MBA




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