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Hey there and welcome! I will never forget the time a former manager said, “Ilene, you are the best employee!” I was really encouraged to hear that but I didn’t know what to do with it. Until now. I have realized that my happiness and fulfilment on the job – no matter what the job was about – was a gift that I can teach to others. Now, you can have the same results in your life, on your job. But, you say, “I hate my job… I want out.” Trust me, I was once like that until I learned the secret to doing a great job and being satisfied even when I didn’t like my job. So, it is possible that you can want something better in life but still be happy on that job until you are in your next one. To be the best and even better… do your best.. it’s essential to be happy on a daily basis. Your creativity will soar to new levels… you will not be so uptight about Mondays. I know… for years I couldn’t sleep well on Sunday nights and even dreaded Mondays. So, here we go… let’s take the journey together for your career. I want to partner with you for your continued and increased success on the job and off. For now on… it’s forward march… Keep going and don’t quit. Oh, yeah… what does this have to do with Miss Ilene? Everything… keep watching! To keep in touch, I would love for you to subscribe (below) so you won’t miss a single word! To schedule a call to discuss a project need, please call 404-825-3140 or leave me a message right here:  

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